Toy Chica’s Cupcake Creator!

Light Switch
Game loaded, click here to play the game!
Use the mouse to click on the cupcake and choose the stuff that you want to add on.

Game Details

Toy Chica’s Cupcake Creator!

Toy Chica is so adorable and loveable in Toy Chica’s Cupkae Creator made by a fan! It’s time to have fun with this awesome character and show off your excellent products!
Are you ready to get in the kitchen with Toy Chica and perform your cupcake-making skills? You will become a great creator who has so many innovative ways to design your own product. The game is so understandable and easy to play. All you have to do is to select from a wide range of types of cupcakes, along with some key elements like eyes, the colors of the cup, and the colors of the head. Also, there will be some extra stuff like an apple, hearts, stars, candle and the toys that you can add on your cupcake. That sounds so amazing, right? You will have a chance to perform creativity and let it shine through what you have done! In addition, you can totally capture those moments if you decide to take some screenshots showing your cupcakes that you designed. Join this game right now and create delicious cupcakes! Have an amazing time with it!

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