SECOND Beta Version! Foxy Flash GAME

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SECOND Beta Version! Foxy Flash GAME

Attention please! The SECOND Beta Version of Foxy Flash Game is finally here for all of FNAF Game fans!

For those who love Foxy, the majority of our community, now you can interact with him in this interesting flash game! There will be some things for you to say to him, questions, and even actions to do. The exciting part is Foxy will show different expressions after each option you choose and what he says depends completely on it too. Many players have confirmed that at first they didn’t think much about the options, but since he seems really communicating, they start to think about what to say. This feature quickly gets the game many favors from the fans. Because this is the Beta version so you can only stay with him until 4 AM.

Pick the appropriate things to say because you may get the jumpscare anytime! This is not a spoiler but only for those who have problems with a weak heart or kids should consider carefully before hitting the Start button.


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