Do you want to get all the screamers scared? Let’s start downloading Nightmares which is made by a fan to grab a chance for being the creepy and evil nightmares now!

Nightmares is a downloading game which is made by a fan for showing the support and love to Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. The game is a good occasion for you to become the animatronics. So take it and start your game now! Your mission is to control the nightmares so that they can jump out and scare the people. This is just like a plot twist! Usually, you will be the one trying to stop the onslaught of the evil animatronics, but now you are the wicked ones scaring other people and get them jumpscared. The game also offers exclusive gameplay and cool in-game graphics as well. This is going to be an amazing test of your abilities, particularly those who are big fans of FNAF 4. The feeling of being the animatronics must be so wonderful! You can go scare and destroy anything you want! Let’s be merciless! Alright, start your funny adventure now! Good luck!

Download Nightmares

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