Five Nights At Pinkies

Five Nights at Pinkies opens horrifying adventure in which animatronics are waiting for you ahead! Get ready and start downloading this awesome game to experience more!


Five Nights at Pinkies was created by a loyal fan, and it has followed the storyline and unique gameplay of Five Nights at Freddy’s games. This fan-made game still puts you in the shoes of a night watchman who works from midnight till the morning at the amazing place named Pinkie’s Cupcakes Corner. This is a wonderful paradise of delicious food, but everything will be changed at night. There are some of wicked Ponies animatronics lurking inside the shadows and trying to destroy the human. You have been targeted since the moment you took this job! Now, stay calm and fight with them. Make the best use of surveillance cameras and doors with restricted power as the weapons for your survival. Remember that these enemies keep roaming around the restaurant, and they don’t want to stand still. Make an effort to survive for 5 nights no matter what. Stop the animatronics from entering your office and vanquish the death. Hope you have an amazing time with it and good luck!

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