Five Nights at Frozen v. 1.4

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Use the mouse for controlling and interacting in this Five Nights at Frozen v.1.4

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Five Nights at Frozen v. 1.4

Come play Five Nights at Frozen v.1.4 to test your surviving skills now! The game offers beautiful princesses from Disney World. You surely will have funny moments with them!
Based on the gameplay of FNAF games, Five Nights at Frozen v.1.4 will also take you to the creepy place at night. The game takes place in the castle of Frozen full off princesses, such as Elsa, Anna and Rapunzel. They are no princesses at all! Now, they turn into animatronics. However, they still look lovely, right? The game puts you in the shoes of night watchman whose mission is to check the movement of these animatronic princesses via the cameras. The game goal is to survive no matter what, keep these girls out of your room and don’t let them stuff you inside the suit. Well, yes, they are longing for that! They want to kill you desperately. Therefore, you need to prepare tactics and strategies to scare them away. Enjoy and have fun with it, guys!

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    dis gum sux i cun do so muc better 360606060606060

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