Five Nights At Freddy’s Toys

As we know, Phone Guy is the second character that we will encounter in Five Nights at Freddy’s game. He was known as a former security guard working at the pizza restaurant in the office before all the weird occurrences happen in the game.

The player will be helped by this Phone Guy! All the actions of the animatronic beings will be revealed through Phone Guy. Usually, he will tell you when the beginning of every night and this thing will last until Night 4, leaving his last message.

Some players are so confused, and they already debated each other if the Phone Guy is a real ally or not. He usually requires the players to stay and make their situation less serious rather than demanding them to stop or take their leave instantly. Probably, he is an ally, and he is the one who can help or give useful information to the player.


Seemingly, Phone Guy is neglectful a little bit, and no one has any clue about this. During the game, he really helps the players a lot by notifying them there they shouldn’t worry about anything, even though there is still clear danger out there. No one can be sure that Phone Guy forces to lie to the players or he is just making an effort to help Mike Schmidt get better.

Sometimes, this guy turns to be very undecided and uneasy. He usually stutters or laughs in a nervous way, which indicates that he’s probably anxious about the chance of his warnings or any advice relating to the animatronic beings will be heard and noticed by someone else.



The developer of the game – Scott Cawthon, will be the one who voices for Phone Guy

Listening carefully to what he says for the initial and second night to the beginners of the game is very significant. The key clues about the gameplay and mechanics of the game will be directly revealed to the players by him. He’s just like a tutor!

Some of the theories indicate that Phone Guy is already stuffed inside the Chica when there are some diminutive teeth shown in her mouth. Nevertheless, other disputations signify that his teeth are belonged to the endoskeleton inside the suits. But no one can be sure about that!

Similarly, some people guess that Phone Guy was stuffed in Golden Freddy instead of inside Chica. They have collected evidence saying that he owns a slack dead body which is usually taken in by the corpses while sitting down.

There is still a possibility showing that Phone Guy could be stuffed inside one of the heads Backstage, especially when the player is demanded to check out the suits inside in the back room by him. This can be clear that he probably learned that his life was going to end.

It’s also very significant to watch out Freddy Fazbear and his friends when Phone Guy is talking to the player using his phone. Because once losing the concentration, both of you might be assaulted and will be stuffed inside Freddy’s suit right after the message ends.

In addition, there’s something that we need to notice about this Phone Guy! Well, his messages are not canceled. Throughout all the given details, it is kind of weird that the company has not eliminated them or maybe the already put them back with typical rightful details.

Our game developer – Scott has already said that Phone Guys didn’t have any canon name. He’s just “Phone Guy” in the literal meaning.

Throughout the game, the player can mute the calls of the Phone Guy if they click on the button “Mute Call” located on the top left. The second and third chapter of the game will also have the same way like that.

Each call of the Phone Guy will be shorter than the previous. The third game will have this same situation as well.

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