Five Nights At Candy’s

New fan-made version based on FNAF games is awaiting you! Let’s download Five Nights at Candy’s to experience new terrifying adventure and other creepy feelings now!


As far as we know, Scott Cawthon has succeeded in creating horror adventure series named Five Nights at Freddy’s. The original games consist of various fan-made versions, and Five Nights at Candy’s is not an exceptional case. The pizza restaurant in this game has stopped operating for good, and another awesome place has inaugurated named Candy, which is filled with brand new entertaining programs. They are hiring new staff to work at night. You’re the one taking this job and fulfilling the mission. From midnight till the morning, you are in charge of protecting the restaurant from the onslaught of the animatronic troops, including Candy the Cat, Cindy the Cat, Old Candy, The Penguin and much more. They are evil animatronics trying to destroy humans. You are targeted by them already! But let’s stay calm and struggle with them! Try to watch the cameras carefully to keep track of them. Stop them from entering your office. If your place is so dark, you can activate the Night Version feature on the cameras for the clearer views. The game goal is to survive for 5 dreadful nights! Try your best and beat off the death!

Download Five Nights At Candy’s

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