10 Secrets Hidden Inside in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4


Are you excited to explore Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 with 10 secrets hidden? This last chapter of FNAF games is such a highly anticipated product that causes the curiosity of most of the players. For those who are fond of the horror games that can bring panic feelings to them will never want to miss this kind of one. Before starting your scary adventure, you can find out 10 secrets that have been lurked inside this chapter. Are you willing to unravel those mysteries? Some supporters of FNAF games have done their best to tell us what those secrets were by posting some epic pictures taken from the game with awesome descriptions. Let’s find out now!

The secrets in FNAF 4 can derive from weird things that turn up when you turn around see your bed!

The IV drip





No one can have clues about what is happening to the stuffs on your bedside. Some of the supporters assume the ending of FNAF 4 in which the chief’s head will get chomped by the enemies.

There are still other strange stuffs that arouse the curiosity of players and finally end up giving lots of different explanations. Some of them believe that you are in a coma, and all you have been through in the house are unreal. Other ones will say that you are in a serious state!

The flatline

You should listen to the sound in the video at 6:58. Probably, you will be annihilated at the end of FNAF 4. Some of the players consider that the file’s name is “Hospital Flatline”. Knowing this secret can give you more details relating to if you are in unconscious state or a dangerous condition at a hospital

Scott Cawthon

See those pictures in the hallway? Probably the developer and his family are there!

Purple Guy


After surviving for night 2, it’s time to play “mini-game”. There will be a Purple Man, who can support you to enter a suit. And this guy is a former worker of Freddy’s Fazbear’s

The Year

There are some people believing that the ending of FNA4 will probably be the bite of 87. More clues will appear, which were chosen by the players and the Easter eggs.

Phone Guy

Phone Guy won’t notify you anything in FNAF 4, he is still standing there! Try to listen to the sound in the video at 2:00. The audio has been reversed by the players, exposing that they finally knew that it as a genuine clip of the Phone Guy deriving from the former versions.

The Box


After surviving with nightmare mode, now let’s move to discover another thing! Do you see the box appearing? No one knows what the hell inside the box is!

Probably, the box will be released for Halloween season, if this is real, our Halloween will be great, right? Some people consider that inserting the accurate code will help you open the box. Therefore, so many players make an attempt to find out what that secret code is! When you are done opening, you can unlock the stuff named “deep9” in the additional menu.

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