Ultimate Custom Night Online

Light Switch
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Use LMB to interact with items. Press WAD keys to close the door.

Game Details

Ultimate Custom Night Online

Ultimate Custom Night Online is only the demo of the original. In which, you are able to check out the own survival ability along with other skills without paying a penny. So, it talks about a thrilling adventure that you will play the role of a night shift security guard. You are hired to look after a local restaurant where is well known for not very good rumors related to animatronics. Actually, these moving machines are the main enemies that you are forced to prevent them from invading your office and killing you.

After you accept the summer part-time job, you will embark on Ultimate Custom Night Online game. You will have to sit at a desk and observe everything via cameras. You must track the robots’ moves carefully and stop them from breaking into your room promptly. Otherwise, they will jumpscare and capture you afterward. There are some items that you can use to do that, for example, immediately close the door. In every situation, try to save the oxygen and power sources. Good luck!

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