Shootout Showdown – FNAF Shooter Game

Light Switch
Game loaded, click here to play the game!

Use the mouse to shoot at animatronics Reload the gun with arrow key or key S Go to the left room with key A or left arrow key Go to the right room with key D or right arrow key

Game Details

Shootout Showdown – FNAF Shooter Game

It’s time to kill all wicked animatronics! Jump to Shootout Showdown, which is a fierce FNaF shooter game created by a fan. If you hate those animatronics, this is the game for you!
The game gives you a chance to test how good your shooting skill is! There are lots of creepy animatronics walking up to you slowly. You need to hold your gun tight, aim and shoot at their heads accurately to wipe them out. But, there is a trouble that you may have while shooting, it’s reloading the gun! To kill them fast, you need to make sure that your gun is reloaded all the time so that you will have enough bullets. these ghosts will appear very quickly; their attempt is to reach your place and annihilate you. So, make the best use of your abilities, check both rooms to keep your focus. Challenge yourself with Survival Mode or Endless to explore more! Have fun!

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