One Nights At Flumptys

Do you think you can survive for One Nights at Flumptys? Why don’t you affirm your answer by downloading this awesome game to conquer and explore the challenges? Click now!

Five Night At Freddy’s fan always gets us surprised and amused by bringing us to many awesome fan-made version, and the same goes for One Nights At Fluptys! In the game, there will be an egg named Flumpty Bumoty, who is fond of wandering around to annihilate anything he wants. Also, there is another character named Birthday Boy Blam, who is addicted to pizza and he can totally turn into aggressive even if there is no reason. Based on the newspaper held by the beaver, the Flumpty has already abducted the player to satisfy his wish. He really wants to have a buddy. And if he can catch the players, he will get them annihilated for sure. Then the jumpscare will be performed later. But if the humans can survive for somehow, they will become the best buddy of Flumpty. The challenge sounds amazing, right? Let’ g take it now and see if you can conquer this wicked egg or not!
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