Interactive FOXY!

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Use the mouse to interact with Foxy

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Interactive FOXY!

Are you a fan of Foxy? Play Interactive Foxy game to create a relationship and make friend with this foxy now! This is an entertaining fan-game where Foxy will become the main focus!
As we know, this famous Foxy emerges from Five Nights at Freddy’s game and he’s ready to have fun with you. You will surely get surprised a lot because Foxy that you ever know is not himself in this fan game. Instead of being a tough evil Foxy in the original games, he is extremely cute and loveable, which makes you just only want to tease him all the time. In the game, you can caress his body, touch his parts, and poke him if you want. He is teasable and very adorable! This is such a great chance for you to get along with this animatronic and be a friend to him. But, while interacting with him, you shouldn’t touch his eyepatch. Otherwise, he will jumpscare you. Are you ready? Foxy is waiting! Play it now!

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  1. Tatum says:

    I love foxy so much

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