Five Nights of Love

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Five Nights of Love

Looking for some romance? Unlike the original FNAF Game, Five Nights of Love gives you a chance to date one of the animatronic bear robots, instead of staying away from them!
You are a new security guard at the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Restaurant and have no idea about what is waiting for you. Then came a call and you realize that you are working in a creepy place with some crazy animatronic robots around. But what if we could be friends, even more than friends? Try to talk to them and gain love points until you have 100% on a route and a surprising thing happens! You are in your office room with a monitor to control the security cameras out there, use them to look for the robots and see which one of them you would like to date! After five nights working there, instead of freaking out, you may bring home your soulmate!

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