Five Nights Of Love v2.1: FNAF DATING SIM GAME

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Control, interact and do stuff to animatronics using the mouse only

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Five Nights Of Love v2.1: FNAF DATING SIM GAME

Here we go with animatronics once again! Are you ready to explore more love quests with Five Nights Of Love v2.1: FNaF Dating Sim Game? Let’s begin it right now!
The love challenge is finally back with more features and updates! There are more characters for you to hunt, various endings, new things, new modes and a bunch of mysteries to unravel. Your mission in the game is to build up a relationship with those animatronics using a lot of ways and wonderful items. As a security guard, you have to chase those animatronics using the surveillance cameras. They keep moving around the building, and they’re very hard for you to conquer. Therefore, you have to talk to them, give them sweet gifts and do cute stuff. The more you do, the more love points you can get. You can change the sweep floors to earn more money. While doing your mission, you need to keep an eye on an energy bar. End the night if it’s low then start another one. Play and explore more! Have loads of fun!

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  1. off the hook! SECRET SPRING-TRAP ROUGHT
    springtrap acts wired when he glitches but when u give him a flower, he’ll,
    well… let u of the hook

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