Five Nights Of Love v1.5

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Use the mouse to click and interact with animatronics in the game

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Five Nights Of Love v1.5

Are you interested in animatronics? Do you want to know their crushes? Let’s explore it now with Five Nights of Love v1.5 right now! You will have a funny time with them.
The game puts you in the shoes of a security guard working at a building. Instead of stopping the animatronics from entering your room like other previous original games, this time, you will hunt for them, like chasing your love! Being equipped with cameras, you should make the best use of them to track your animatronics. They won’t stop moving for a while; they will roam around the building. When you meet an animatronic, you need to start talking to it, do sweet stuff, give it cute present and make it fall for you to gain the love points. To buy more stuff, you can sweep the floors to earn more cash. Do you think you’re going to find your true love? Let’s check it out now!

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