Can You Catch SpringTrap?

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Use the mouse to catch the head of Springtrap

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Can You Catch SpringTrap?

Can you Catch SpringTrap? Let’s answer this question by joining this awesome fan-game now! Let’s see how long it takes you to catch the head of this animatronic!
This is an interesting fan game where you have to use your mouse-controlling skill to fulfill the mission. Springtrap is the main character emerging from Five Nights at Freddy’s game, and he is famous for his creepy appearance, along with wicked personality. The game challenges you to perform your mouse-using skill because your mission is to catch the head of Springtrap that keeps moving around without ceasing. Try to catch him the shortest time possible. The game offers three game modes and a tough, fierce mode called Extreme. You should play and conquer all those modes to prove your skill. The movement speed of Springtrap will increase gradually depending on the mode you are playing. So, do you think you can catch him? Try it now, guys!

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