Five Nights at Fazbear Storage

“Are you up for the creepy challenge in at Fazbear Storage? Let’s begin downloading this awesome fan-made game to your PC and start your adventure now!

Based on FNAF games, our fan has already created another cool version called Five Nights at Fazbear Storage. This fan-made game is full of interesting challenges. You are brought to Fazbear Storage where all the equipment and stuff are kept. All the animatronic toys are placed in that storage, and the owner can probably utilize them once again in some situations. But there is no capability to turn off them! And unfortunately, something wrong has already occurred. You are here as a savior and hero to resolve this problem. Your game objective is to check on these animatronics and stop them from destroying any stuff in the storage. There will be times you will bump into the evil animatronics so you must prepare tactics and strategies to tackle with them. Try to survive no matter what and vanquish the death! Good luck!

Download Five Nights at Fazbear Storage

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  1. This stuff is junk. None of the games work right or don’t work at all.

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